UTEK - The Excellent Team Creates Extraordinary Achievement


From UTEK Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, the leading intelligent communications solution provider in the world!

Since its establishment, UTEK has gone through 13 years. In these 13 years, UTEK went through trials and hardships, continuously broke through and became stronger and stronger; With constantly R&D innovation, the outstanding quality and complete solution made UTEK products widely used in all the fields, and obtained the general recognition and praise from customers.

Chairman-Mr. Li

The company’s development depends on every staff’s commitment and dedication. But what kind of team culture makes the present UTEK? 
UTEK deeply realize that the development of the company can hardly do without R&D input. Only constantly R&D input will promote the product upgrading and innovation, and launch products to meet customers’ requirement or even exceed the requirements. Based on this understanding, the company recruits the specialist and engineers on industrial communication and networking communication all around the world all the time. UTEK set up an industry-university-institute cooperation base with Tsinghua University and Jinan University; this continuously expands the company's R&D team, which builds the most professional R&D team.

R&D Team

However, it is not enough if the company’s professional attitude is only focus on the R&D ability. In addition to the construction of R&D team, based on the learning organization concept of "working as studying, studying as working", UTEK encourages staff to work as study, and to study as work, continuously study and improve himself for better working and life. Moreover, based on the talent concept of "the company has only two kinds of people, one is expert, the other is entrepreneurs", the company arrange product, marketing and commercial training regularly; this makes the company's after-sales support team, marketing team and customer service team become the professional services teams, so as to ensure perfect service for customers. 

Marketing Team

The high-quality product is based on advanced management philosophy: customer first, people-oriented.

To comply with “customer first business” philosophy, UTEK’s final target of providing products and services is to improve customer’s satisfaction. UTEK products obey the strict rules from project establishment, product design, R&D, purchasing, and testing, in order to ensure the quality. On products craft, we insist on using high-quality materials and strict processing methods. On products design, we adhere to the safety and practicability standards. On sales, we insist on attractive products with reasonable price. From the perspective of the customers helps us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

The Production Team

Follow the people-oriented management concept, UTEK has always put the staff's actual demand in the important position. We hold staff conferences regularly, so as to understand the problems during the work and life, and then timely solve the problems. In addition, there are various staff activities such as annual travel, birthday gift, birthday party, holiday welfare to create a relaxed environment. 

The Staff Activities

High efficiency has never been a slogan. It has become a kind of blood flowing into UTEK people, reflected in every daily movement. 

The South China Sales Team

Efficient customer service contributes to excellent customer experience. Product information shows in the company's website in details, then customers can obtain the required information conveniently. To provide customers consulting and services within 24 hours, pre-sales and after-sales engineers just as technical bodyguards. “UTEK High-tech” as the WeChat service account, also provides online technical consultation. Customers can get technical support at anytime anywhere.

The Technical Support & Customer Service Team

In front of customers’ requirement, UTEK people always demand themselves to be responsible, in order to meet customers’ requirement and solve their problems.

The Management Team

We demand ourselves under professional requirements. It is this team carries out the extraordinary products!

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