Internet+ Rail Transit-city subway ticket/access control system solutions


With the rapid development on economy and urbanization, urban rail transit and subway has already become important travel transportation. Urban rail transit development can not only improve the city traffic environment effectively, but also contribute to the urban construction and economic development. 

But how to ensure the safety of rail transit and achieve reliable operation? It is a complicated information application and management process. Rail transit is a complete and large system. It must establish a reliable, easy-to-spreading and independent communication network, to transmit and process all kinds of specialized communication information which rail transit needed. Communication has played a nervous system and network role in the transportation of rail transit system.

In the urban rail transit operation environment, communication system provide large-capacity, safe, continuous and reliable two-way communication channel for vehicle equipment and ground control equipment, to achieve real-time and transparent transmission between the train and ground data, image and audio information.

Transmission network transmit information

Transmitted information of urban rail transit network mainly include a dedicated telephone (including various dispatching telephone, interstation train operation telephone), wireless telephone, official telephone, cable broadcast, closed-circuit television (including image and control information), clock, power monitoring system (SCADA), auto fare collection information (AFC), train automatic test information (ATS), fire alarm system (FAS), system maintenance and management information, other operations management data or information, as well as language, data and image information.

Aim at the current network management situation, most of the information in the network transmission associate with driving and operating. If transmission network structure, technology and equipment selection is improper, it will have a significant and direct effect on the performance of the whole communication network. Therefore, generally in the design process, focus on the comparison between transmission network schemes, to ensure the whole communication system reliable, mature, advanced and economic, reasonable.

Urban subway ticketing system solutions 

Metro access control system

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